WinExpo Georgia ’17-10th Wine and Spirit Fair

WinExpo Georgia ’17-10th Wine and Spirit Fair

WINEXPO GEORGIA ‘17 – 10th Wine and Spirit Fair is a 3 day event being held on 9-1 June, 2017. The Event is organized by Exhibition Center ExpoGeorgia Fairground in Tbilisi, Georgia and supported by Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia and National Wine Agency of Georgia.The only international Wine and Spirits Fair in Georgia and the whole Caucasus Region, presenting full range of wine industry, products and services. So it’s a unique chance for producers and exporters to build success in the New Market of business opportunities.

WINEXPO GEORGIA ‘17 creates utterly profitable climate for:

  • Taking advantage of historical recognition and decades of cumulative investment in Georgian brand in the huge wine market of Eastern Europe;
  • Blending of the best of both western and traditional Georgian practices in Wine making;
  • Encouraging the formation of wine cluster in Georgia using the western expertise and machinery;
  • Attracting a large number of buyers and experts from CIS countries and not only by high-quality visitor’s promotion campaign;

WinExpo Georgia is really a hybrid project between an exhibition, competition and a business forum with the focus on increasing profit through wine sales in a warm and welcoming environment. Fair remains to be attractive business platform for producers of wine processing equipment, Technological lines, vini viticulture Machinery, glass and glassware, packaging and etc.


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