Winemaking Company Teleda

Winemaking Company Teleda

“Teleda” is the ancient name of Telavi.  The exclusive winemaking company “Teleda” is founded in Telavi, in the oldest Georgian viticulture center.

The company produces only limited quantities of high-quality selected wines in Qvevri, according to the Georgian traditional way. As the centuries ago, these wines are made with natural fermentation without the additives, artificial stabilization and filtration.

The highest quality of the wine begins from the rare vineyards.  The old, 50-60 years-old vineyard is located on the right bank of the River Alazani, Village Shalauri, Telavi, Georgia. Deep root system of the vine and soil peculiarity allows to ripe high mineralization exceptional quality grapes, which are carefully selected to produce natural wines.

The winemaking of “Teleda” is based on the generations’ experience. Temur Dakishvili, the author of this Wine, is the 5th generation professional winemaker, who is a great traditions successor of the best winemakers of Georgia, Dakishvili family winemaking.

The wine is harmonious and pleasant, characterized by the sweet-velvet aromas of white and yellow dried fruits and honey, with the pleasant aftertaste.

Solar energy, land minerals and the positive emotion of great family’s special love of winemaking traditions are synthesized in the Wine.

The logo of “Teleda” is Borjghali, an ancient Georgian symbol of the Sun, which symbolizes the origin of the energy obtained from the sun necessary for grapes cultivation. It is also the symbol of eternity, roots, foundation, harvest and abundance which at the same time express the wine nature and company philosophy.

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Winemaking Company Teleda
Village Kisiskhevi, Telavi, Georgia
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