Jakeli Organic Vineyard and Wines Ltd.

Jakeli Organic Vineyard and Wines Ltd.

Jakeli Organic Vineyard is set up near village Khashmi at 760 m from the sea level, South‐West from Tsivgombori mountain range. Unique combination of sunny alluvial soils and peculiar local climate produces intense dark, rich in body, exquisite wine. Naturally, without any chemical nutrients and speed up of the vinification process, wine preserves personality and unique aroma of the terroir. Wine is made from endemic Saperavi grapes, grown up in never irrigated vineyard, hand‐picked, sorted out and vinified in a traditional way. Wine is matured for 24‐30 months and bottled unfiltered. Jakeli are pioneers of organic winemaking in Georgia. Vintages since 2009 is certified as organic, certificate CC‐AB‐039‐009, standard Green Caucasus. Certificate issued by Caucascert Ltd. which is accredited by German Accreditation System (DAP) applicable for European countries. Apart from Saperavi, since 2015 Jakeli Wines also produce a wide range of natural and unfiltered dry white wines, such as Rkatsiteli-Kisi, Kisi and Rkatsiteli-Mtsvane. The vineyards are located in Village Ojio, at 520 m from the sea level.

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Jakeli Organic Vineyard and Wines Ltd.
Legal address: Oseti str. 2a, Tbilisi, Georgia
Vineyards: Village Khashmi, Sagarejo Municipality, Georgia and Village Ojio, Akhmeta Municipality, Georgia
Tel.: +995 599 554 133
E‐mail: zaza.jakeli59@gmail.com
Web‐site: www.jakeli‐wines.ge


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