Enkeni Tsitska-Tsolikauri 2016

Enkeni Tsitska-Tsolikauri 2016

Enkeni Tsitska-Tsolikauri 2016

White dry wine. Made from 40 % Tsolikouri and 60% Tsitska varieties.
Alcohol  11.50 %

Location of vineyards:
West Georgia, Imereti, Terjola region, village Akhalterjola.

Amber color.

Has a pear and  plum fragrance,  is distinguished with delicate, refined taste and floral bouquet.

is distinguished with delicate,  fresh  race of wine

Optimal serving conditions:
+ 11 to +15 degrees in temperature mode

Food pairing:
Serve with baked and fried fish and salads

Lasha Guruli’s marani “Enkeni”

Contact Information:

Lasha Guruli’s family marani “Enkeni”
Georgia, Imereti
Terjola district, Village Akhalterjola
Cell: (+995) 591 402 456
Email: l.guruli@mail.ru

According to Georgian Legislation, customers who are under 18, are not allowed to buy alcohol.

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